Why We Are Different...

Why we are different...

We have a passion for improving the lives of seniors...and their families!

If you are worried:

- About becoming burden for your family.
- About losing your home after working your whole life.
- About out-living your money.
- About leaving a huge mess for your family if you enter a nursing home or pass away.
- About losing control of your life.
- About a family member's deteriorating cognitive abilities or health.
- About keeping your family together.


WE want to help because:

We believe that everybody is a somebody and that everybody counts! We believe that Seniors should be treated with the honor, dignity and respect they deserve , and we believe that Seniors are entitled to receive justice and fairness ithroughout their life.


Our mission is to maximize the quality of life, health, independence and longevity of seniors...while at the same time helping to protect their families resources.


Our vision is a world in which seniors are treated with the honor, dignity and respect they deserve...where they can maintain their desired quality of life throughout their entire life!


ATtorney george Hough's story:


In his career, attorney George Hough has helped over 5,000 clients solve their legal and planning problems.


He became passionate about working with seniors when his mother developed Alzeimer's and emphyzema 12 years ago. Although he had to watch his mother slowly deteriorate over time, he helped her qualify for Medicaid so that he could honor her wish not to become a burden for the family and to allow her to save her home for the family.


the new, innovative approach:


LIFE CARE PLANNING - a Holistic, Elder-Centered Approach to the Practice of Law.


  • At ProActive Legal Care we practice Elder Law and Life Care Planning where we create personal , on-going relationships with you and your family, and we help your family respond to the myriad of challenges caused by chronic illness or disability as you get older.


In order to accomplish those goals, we work with you, your family and a team of professionals to create a unique Life Care Plan for you that addresses all of your concerns...not just asset preservation.


With the team's help, we use our ProActive Elder Protection Program to ensure that your Life Care Plan is implemented in the manner that you have chosen.


We don't give estimates...we make promises! The ProActive Promise states that we will define exactly what we are going to do for you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost, and then we give you our written promise.


We have our ProActive Money Back Guarantee if we don't return your phone calls or e-mails within 24 business hours or if we don't provide an update for your file at least once every 7 business days during the planning and implementation process.


At ProActive Legal Care it is not enough to focus solely on estate planning, public benefit qualification or saving your assets for the next generation!

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